Directions for Applying Formula V Traction Treatment
per manufacturer's instructions

1. Pour into open container. Using a paint roller apply 3 to 4 heavy coats per day for 3 days. As soon as first coat dulls in, the second coat can be applied.

2. Recommended 48 hours of drying before racing

3. Depending on how much heat was imposed on the tires during a race will determine how much re-treating the tires will need during the week prior to the next race. Cars that sustain long heat cycles such as drag racing pro cars, karting, circle, and road should repeat step #1. Cars that sustain short heat cycles such as drag racing stock, bracket, SS, comp as well as autocross should maintain their tires with at least 2-4 applications during the week prior to each racing event.

4. DO NOT SOAK tires in treatment solution.

5. Store properly labeled container in cool place with lid tightly secured.

Contains Petroleum Distillate. Do not use near heat or open flame. Use only in well ventilated area. Avoid frequent or prolonged contact with skin. If swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting. Call physician immediately.